Pro SaaS Theme
Pro SaaS Theme is an additional web template for Chef - contactless digital menu application users for their web landing page.
This module mainly focuses at enhancing the website UI there by enhancing the business for the Chef - contactless digital menu application users.
Note : This is not a stand alone template and can be only used along with Chef - contactless digital menu application version 5.5.5 and above.

What are the features of Pro SaaS Theme?

  • Premium mobile responsive UI for the landing page website.
  • Store partners listing - All the registered stores under the application will be showcased on the web page and a customer can browse to the menu details of stores from the web page itself.
  • FAQ’s section has been added into the web page.
  • Enhanced UI for about section.
  • App admin can offer a trial version for the application to the store owners.
  • App admin can showcase the use of the contactless menu for the website visitors with proper image.

How does Pro SaaS Template work?

This template can be installed as an addon into the chef - contactless digital menu application and can be used along with it. The user who has installed this template can switch between both default theme and Pro SaaS Template theme.
Pro SaaS Template have some extra UI updates for the default theme, all these contents can be managed by the app admin from the admin panel > translations module.

How to install Pro SaaS Template?

  • Step 1
    Download the code from codecanyon
  • Step 2 Extract the zip file on your server
  • Step 3 Select the file and upload it to the public_html directory of your hosting.
  • Step 4 Extract the contents of the uploaded zip file to the same directory public_html
  • Step 5 Go to App Admin Dashboard > Premium Modules > Uploaded Modules and select install button.
  • Step 6 Go to App Admin Dashboard > Settings > Site Settings and select theme id (Pro SaaS Theme).
Reload your web page (

Important !

Pro SaaS Theme has some updates in the landing web page and also has some additional showcasing sections than from the default theme, so after installing the Pro SaaS Theme, Go to App Admin Dashboard > Translations > Edit Translations. Scroll down and you can see the newly added contents translation, Edit the contents according to your concern.